If you're like most Americans, you're using a lot of Wi-Fi right now.  Using Zoom or Skype to work from home.  Binging shows on Netflix.  Watching videos on YouTube and TikTok.

According to an article on BGR.com, Wi-Fi speeds are about to get better.  The article says that on Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved measures that will make Wi-Fi "more than 2.5x faster than the current Wi-Fi standard "

According to BGR.com, the new standards will amount to "the biggest change in Wi-Fi since the late 1980s."

In a statement on fcc.gov, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai commented, "For many of us, Wi-Fi has helped keep us connected to our families and friends, as well as the outside world.  It enables children to take part in distance learning while their parents participate in video conferences for work.  It allows Americans with medical issues to have virtual doctor’s appointments while those they live with stream Tiger King on Netflix.  In short, sheltering in place would be a lot more difficult without Wi-Fi."

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