I think I may have found Jersey City’s best-kept secret.

I saw many people posting online that they were going to eat a fantastic dinner at this Italian spot in Jersey City, New Jersey but when I saw the outside of the restaurant, I was so confused.

Let’s start off by saying there are SO many spots in New Jersey that have amazing, authentic Italian food. Most of the spots that are must-sees are raved about and this is one of those spots.

15 Fox Place is without a doubt the definition of a hidden gem experience in New Jersey and everyone who has gotten a chance to eat here would agree. This place is legit.

15 Fox Place is a family-run restaurant that serves authentic Italian dishes inside of a home. The vibe this restaueant gives off is "Sunday dinner with your closest family members".

When you show up to the restaurant don’t be surprised when you find yourself in the middle of a neighborhood. According to The Hoboken Girl you should block out about 2 and a half hours for this meal and there are 6 courses, so make sure to bring your appetite.

"If you're looking for a dinng experience that transcends the ordinary, look no further than 15 Fox Place." Reeka, a local Yelp reviewer wrote oon January 24, 2024.

There are so many amazing reviews of this space online and everyone talks about how it feels like a comfy dinner at home. It’s also family-style and BYOB, which is the best type of dining experience.

If you plan on getting in on this amazing experience, make sure to book your reservations WELL in advance. Check out their Facebook page, here.

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