If you’re in the Jersey City area and you’re looking for an awesome spot to bring your kids for a day of fun, there’s a brand new spot to do just that.

Of course, most of us know that Jersey City has an amazing nightlife for adults, but now there’s a brand new addition to the area where kids can join in on the fun.

Adventure Park is an indoor kids recreational facility and it’s now being built in Jersey City. I feel as though I’ve seen a ton of these amazing, indoor play areas being built for kids and this one sounds like it’ll be the spot for little ones in the area.

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According to The Hoboken Girl, Adventure Park is being built on the bottom floor of Soho Lofts which is located at 273 16th Street in Jersey City. After taking a look at the floor plan for this amazing spot, I’m jealous.

This looks like the area will be full of tubes, slides obstacle courses, and more. It’s so important for communities to have these sorts of areas for kids and I think it’s so exciting that there’s a spot in Jersey City that’s doing just that.

It all started when a resident of Jersey City noticed she had to travel out of the Jersey City area for birthday parties and she wanted to change that for all of the families with young kids living in the Jersey City area.

According to The Hoboken Girl, the exciting new project should be opening in January of 2025, if all goes well!

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