I drive on 295 North every weekday morning and 295 South every weekday afternoon, but yesterday, I didn't notice that something was different on my drives to and from the radio station.

Two things that I have probably have seen hundreds of times were gone.  Those two things were smokestacks that resided on Duck Island, just south of Trenton.

According to nj.com, the two smokestacks were imploded on Saturday morning at around 8am.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Hamilton Township informed residents about the implosions on the township's Facebook page:

An article on njspotlight.com says that the two smokestacks were part of the Mercer Generating Station.  That station was retired in 2017 and then sold by PSEG to Hilco Redevelopment Partners in 2019.

According to njspotlight.com, Hilco Redevelopment Partners plans on "redeveloping the sites as state-of-the-art industrial parks" and home to "warehouse-distribution hubs "

Locals hoping to see the implosions were most likely out of luck due to the foggy conditions in and around Trenton on Saturday morning.


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