Some people were determined to get their partying on this weekend at all costs. Despite December being the deadliest month of this coronavirus pandemic thus far, people are still refusing to follow the safety guidelines put in place by officials. Over the Christmas holiday 2 women from Newark hosted a party with more than 200 people in attendance. According to Yahoo News, they are accused of creating an illegal makeshift bar where hundreds of people were seen eating, dancing and drinking without social distancing.

The party was hosted at a warehouse. According to Yahoo News, 26-year-old Denisse Tinizaray and 28-year-old Katherine Tinizaray, were both arrested after they failed to show proof of a liquor license. Both women are now being charged with  maintaining an illegal alcohol establishment and illegal possession and sales of alcohol.

New Years eve is right around the corner and the rules in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey aren't bending just so people can party. Indoor dining is closed until January 4th in PA, and New Jersey is under strict curfew. Just like Halloween and Thanksgiving I can assume that the sale of alcohol is going to be cut off as well on New Years Eve. I just want to encourage everyone to make wise decisions over the next few days. One night of fun isn't worth being arrested or worse getting coronavirus.


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