Many people would easily say that their most memorable day is the day that they had their children. That is a pretty cute answer. I would like my most memorable day to be when I win big cash playing some sort of lottery.
It was recently shared by that there is a big winner in the Hamilton area. On Monday November 30th 2 people that purchased the Jersey Cash 5 lottery will be splitting $491,306. That is a good amount of money. Those 2 individuals that purchased the Jersey Cash 5 winning tickets will get $245,653 each.
One of the 2 tickets was purchased at Hamilton's Foley's Family Market. If you purchased a Jersey Cash 5 ticket from Foley's Family Market you may want to check your ticket as soon as possible. This will make you forget about the pandemic and just believe that 2020 is the best year ever.
The lucky numbers for the Jersey Cash 5 are 04, 11, 13, 22, and 25 and the XTRA number was: 05. If you match that you better claim your $245,653 prize.
Just think about all the fun you can have with that large amount of money. Game changer for sure.
Foley's Family Market in Hamilton was one of the two store that sold the Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket. According to Tap Into's website the other store was EZ Chek Food Store in Linden.
We learned from Tap Into that both stores (Foley's Family Market and EZ Chek Food Store) will each be getting a nice $2000 prize also for selling the tickets.
I really have to start playing the lottery.

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