Less than 2 months ago, you probably read or heard a headline like this one posted on USAToday, "Philadelphia cocaine haul is largest in U.S. history."  What you may not have known at the time was that there were at least 3 officers from Mercer County that played a big role in the drug bust.  And those 3 are dogs.

CommunityNews.org just reported that these 3 K9 officers from Mercer County were among the 8 dogs used in the bust:

  • Bela (and Sgt. Joe Angarone of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office);
  • Jax (and Ewing Police Officer Brittney Fornarotto);
  • Quori (Robbinsville Police Sgt. Scott Kivet).

Here's a photo of Fornarotto and Jax:

According to CommunityNews.org, "The dogs scoured a large Liberian-flagged container ship and pinpointed cocaine with a street value of about $1.1 billion hidden in just seven of thousands of containers on the ship."

Sgt.Kivet told CommunityNews.org, "We do a lot of drug seizures, but to find that amount—we are part of history now.”

You can read much more about the dogs and their partners here.

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