Kids do the cutest things ever and I can not wait to have my own to experience those precious moments. There are some kid stories that will have anyone saying, "I hope my kids don't do that."

In Sayreville, New Jersey a kid was playing with his mom's phone, just like many other kids do, and the 4-year-old accidentally dialed 911 while the phone was locked.

According to FOX 29, the reason the 4-year-old, Justice Tucker, started playing with his mom's phone was because his "police power wheels no longer worked."

Rasheeda Paige, the mother of Justice Tucker, told FOX 29 that while the phone was locked the 4-year-old attempted to open it and instead made an emergency 911 call.

The mother of the 4-year-old also shared with FOX 29 that she apologized to the dispatcher when the 911 call had gone through.

Here is the best part of the story. FOX 29 shared that two law enforcement officers from the Sayerville area showed up at the location where the call was made and upon arrival, the 4 year old shared that his police power wheels was not working.

The amazing great-hearted law enforcement officers went out of their way to get Justice Tucker a "new handheld toy police car."

Isn't amazing when we all come together.

These two law enforcement officer are the perfect example of being out there to help the community.

We also learned from FOX 29 that Justice Tucker mentioned to the law enforcement officers, Vicky Teator and Matt Salvatore, that his birthday was coming up. We would not be surprised if that melted the law enforcement officers’ hearts and led them to buy Justice Tucker a birthday gift.

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