We all want to party and have a good time again but we also don't want to get infected with COVID-19. So we have to follow some of the rules, right? A homeowner in Gloucester Township thought it would be a fantastic idea to have a huge party even though there are restrictions when it comes to large gatherings.

According to NJ.com, police were getting a good amount of phone calls in regards to a large gathering on Jarvis Road in Gloucester Township. All of the fun was happening in the back yard of the house.  Police told NJ.com that there was a ton of littering being done by partygoers that were not even wearing a face mask to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

It gets better. We learned from NJ.com that the homeowner, Lionel Mincey, that had the party rocking in Gloucester Township had security guarding the party.  The security told police that it was a family gathering that was happening. Police officers later came to realize that was a lie. The 250 plus people that attended the party were charged between $100 to $150, according to NJ.com.

The hustle was real for the 56-year-old homeowner. He was trying to make some money but instead, he ended up hurting himself. It was reported by NJ.com that Mincey has been charged with maintaining a nuisance, littering, and noise and zoning violations. Maybe he will use the money he made from the party to pay all of the lawyer fees and whatever else the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control and Division of Taxation, and the IRS want to hit him with because they are all now involved in this case.

It's going to cost him a pretty penny, I bet.

We wonder how many people possibly got infected with COVID-19 after going to this "private party"? With Labor Day weekend coming up, play it safe and make good judgments when it comes to going to gatherings.

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