New Jersey, we are the butt of a lot of jokes in movies, social media, late-night talk shows, and more.

New Jersey is the best state to live in.

We have everything so close, meaning we are close to two large cities, New York City and Philadelphia. Pennsylvania vacationers and New York vacationers come to New Jersey in the summertime for our awesome beaches.

Our healthcare is one of the best in the nation, according to, Health Care Quality and Health Care Access.

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I love living, working, and playing in New Jersey. For me it's where my daughter was born, it will always have special meaning. New Jersey has the best food, pizza to fries, and everything in between. Have you ever had Chinese food in Florida, it definitely is not the same as having it here in New Jersey? (Now, we only tried two places in Orlando for Chinese food, that's not to say others aren't fantastic, it's just our opinion.)


How about our diners? We have the best and the most on the planet. We all have our favorite diner and our favorite waitress. You know it's so true. From the Four Seasons Diner to the Forked River Diner, they always have the best chocolate chip pancakes, ever.

Mostly, I love my job. Working in Ocean County has been so much fun with our appearances in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park. All of our listeners call in daily and try to win with our Morning Coffee Contest. Our listeners have the biggest hearts and we love being part of your family. Thanks to for some of the list. Here's my list of the six reasons New Jersey is the best state to live in:

6 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The Best State To Live In

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