I have to say I do visit Dollar Tree probably once a week. Yes, some things you don't grab at a dollar store, but there are many things that it's actually a good buy, by visiting a dollar store and Dollar Tree is the best around. Yes, it's now the $1.25 store, but for many items, the Dollar Tree is still a bargain.


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In a recent article from Go Banking Rates, there are eight new items that shoppers will hopefully be seeing here in New Jersey at their local Dollar Tree stores. Let's take a look and run down the new products coming to Dollar Tree. Some Items appear to be as much as $5 which may or may not be a deal breaker for some.

  • New Dinnerware: "The Royal Norfolk Ceramic White Solid Glaze Dinner Plate is the perfect addition to your dinner table."
  • Roam Wireless Earbuds: "The new Roam Wireless Earbuds at Dollar Tree are only $5 and are a great option for anyone who loves listening to music or taking phone calls on the go. These 2Boom Bluetooth Wireless Ear Buds offer high-quality sound and are designed to fit comfortably in your ears."
  • Toy Blind Bags: "The new toy blind bags are only $1.25 each and are available both in stores and online in bulk. These bags are perfect for surprising your little ones with fun toys that are both affordable and entertaining."
  • Easter Gnome: "The new Easter Gnomes at Dollar Tree are the cutest. These plush little guys are only $3 each and are the perfect addition to your Easter décor."
  • Plush Pals: "The new Plush Pals at Dollar Tree are ridiculously adorable and you’re gonna want a million of them. These adorable cuddly animals are only $5 each and are sure to be your new favorite snuggle buddy."
  • Splenda Liquid Creamer: "These new creamers come in two delicious flavors: French Vanilla and Sweet Cream, each priced at just $1.25."
  • Stackable Stool/Table:  "If you’re looking for a versatile and practical piece of furniture, you’ll want to check out the new Stackable Metal Table Stools. These handy stools can double as tables and are steals at just $5 each.
  • Coffee: ($1.25) "Jim Beam Original Coffee, Jim Beam Bourbon Vanilla Coffee, Harry & David Breakfast Blend and Harry & David Vanilla Crème Brulee." 


The new $3 and $5 items are in Dollar Tree stores with a "Plus" section. Not every Dollar Tree has the new "Plus" section, but more and more are adding them.

My top picks for saving money at Dollar Tree are paper towels, tissues, garbage bags, and batteries. I also grab many seasonal items like "holiday" items, they have some cute things for all the holidays each year and of course, they do have "crazy socks" and for $1.25 these "crazy socks" are a real bargain, in my opinion.

What do you buy at Dollar Tree to save money?


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