There’s a certain menu item available on the menu at Wawa that everyone is absolutely missing out on! Of course when you go to Wawa, most times you’re getting a hoagie, a bag of chips, and a drink.

My normal go-to is an Italian hoagie on a shorti roll with pickles and a fountain soda. I’m not sure why this is my go-to because it is hands down, not the best menu item available at Wawa.

If you’re not a Wawa fan or if you don’t get to go often, there is a touch screen full of amazing menu items that are all made-to-order. From quesadillas to hoagies and club sandwiches to salads, the menu is never-ending it seems like.

What is The Most Overlooked Menu Item At Wawa?

@wawa via Instagram
@wawa via Instagram


If you’re going to Wawa, this one specific menu item will change the way you feel about it instantly after one bite. Wawa’s most slept-on menu item is hands down the Mac and Cheese.

If you haven’t had a chance to go and try the amazing Mac and Cheese, you have to. It’s the perfect consistency and the perfect level of cheesiness and there are so many things you can add to the Mac and Cheese if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Sometimes I like to add Old Bay seasoning to their mac and cheese and it is hands down one of the best menu items at any food spot in my opinion.

Are you already a fan of the mac and cheese at Wawa or are you late to the trend?

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