The CDC is now saying that many Americans remain susceptible to the coronavirus.

CBS News Reports that CDC Director Robert Redfield said the COVID-19 virus is spreading across America at alarming rates, infecting 15 to 20% of the population. The virus is spreading at schools and colleges, especially colleges where many students are having a problem with social distancing and wearing masks.

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According to the CDC and many other doctors, if folks would just mask up, use social distancing, and wash their hands, we could control the spread of the virus. Pretty simple advice, yet so many are not following that protocol.

Most states don't have a grip on the virus yet.

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If you have not been tested for COVID-19 and are feeling some of the symptoms, please get yourself tested. I have already had the test done right from my car, and it was simple and done in minutes. It is basically a swap of your nose and you're done.

Again, it comes down being aware and being safe, not just for yourself but for everyone else.

Mask up, practice social distancing, and for God's sake, wash your hands and have hand sanitizer with you.

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