9/11 is a day that we will forever pay our respect to those affected by the incident at the World Trade Center. The memorial areas all over the country are always treated with respect and are places where people tend to go to reflect on many moments in life or remember loved ones who were lost on that day.

There is a 9/11 memorial located in the Lower Makefield area in Bucks County and according to 6abc the fountain at the 9/11 memorial was recently vandalized. It was stated on 6abc that suspects went to the 9/11 memorial in Lower Makefield and dumped a couple of gallons of dish detergent into the water fountain located at the Garden of Reflection. The Lower Makefield Police Department told 6abc, "That created a bubble mass the whole entire width of the fountain itself and about five feet high."

Families that lost loved ones during the 9/11 incident told 6abc that they hope that "it was a bunch of dumb young teenagers" that did this and it wasn't a malicious terrorist act. Another family member of a lost a loved one on 9/11 also told 6abc, "It makes a case that we need to get more education out to the public on what the Garden is."

We wouldn't be surprised if TikTok has something to do with this terrible act at the Garden of Reflection. Recently on TikTok, many users are following this ridiculous trend where they go to public water fountains and dump a ton of dish detergent in them to turn it into a fountain full of bubbles.

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