It is crazy to think that the 9-11 incident happened 19 years ago. That is a day that we, as Americans, will never forget. Everyone will always do whatever it takes to honor the frontline workers that were there that day,  ready to help during such a tough time.

Bucks Local News recently reported that Newtown residents are trying to illuminate the town in memory of the September 11th’s first responders. We learned that there is a Newtown resident, John Burke, that is selling luminary kits to other Newtown residents to help illuminate the area. Each luminary kit will have 12 luminary bags as well as 12 candles.

Burke told Bucks Local News, “The goal is to have luminaries lining the streets of the borough in honor of those first responders.” This is such a great thing to do to honor all the first responders. It was also mentioned on Bucks Local News that the game plan is to illuminate the town on the evening of September 11. They would like all businesses or property owners to take part in this memory by lighting up the luminary kits on their streets or sidewalks.

Ten dollars is not bad at all and the best part is that it is all for a good cause. Bucks Local News also stated that all the proceeds collected by resident John Burke will benefit Shop With A Cop. Shop with a Cop is a program that allows children to do holiday shopping with a law enforcement officer. There is no specific location where the luminary kits can be purchased but according to Bucks Local News you can reach out to John Burk via email,

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