Princeton may be getting its own dog park in the future. Patch said that the town will be hosting a public meeting on Tuesday, May 7th to hear resident's opinions, especially the opinions of those with dogs.

Discussed at the meeting will be possible locations for the new dog park, what residents will want it to look like, what the park will feature, and possible safety issues.

I don't have a dog, I'm allergic to most, but I have lots of friends with dogs and they seem to all love taking their furry friends to a dog park. Some love it because they don't have a big yard, and some don't have a yard at all. Others go and play for the social aspect...for their dog and them, and hey, dog parks are a great place to meet other single, dog already have something in common, right? Lol.

The public meeting will be in the Community Room at Princeton Town Hall on May 7th at 7 pm.

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