I have a deep love for cereal, and I used to start every morning with it. It was easy, delicious and fun. So I was really excited to see a new kind of store opening up in Hamilton Township. I saw on the Princeton Online Instagram page that a cereal cafe called Spoony Sweets is coming to Hamilton, NJ.

The concept behind this store reminds of the yogurt places I've been to, except main the ingredient is cereal. After visiting the Spoony Sweets website I saw that there are three steps to this "experience:"

1. Choose a cereal to fill your bowl with

2. Then choose a second cereal

3. Then you get to finalize it with a topping. They have fruits, candy, cookies, marshmallows, or milk.

What's impressive is that they have four different kinds of milk, 24 cereals, and 18 toppings which gives tons of options because their site says they offer almost 40,00 unique cereal combinations. You can check out their menu here

So the store isn't open just yet. They haven't officially announced a date but it says they're coming soon.

I'll be on the lookout to see when they officially announce their grand opening.

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