If you want to be sure someone you're talking to on a dating app is serious about getting to know you, you might want to look into this new app called GoGetter. Ghosting isn't a thing on this app because a person has to put down money in order to talk to you. And if there is one thing we know about us Americans we don't just spend money on other people.

A lot of these dating apps like Tinder, bumble and even Hinge are nice, but often times you get matched with people who aren't serious about getting to know you. Maybe they accidently swiped right on you, or the conversation falls flat after a few days. According to PR Newswire, 45% of people who use online dating app says the experience left them feeling more frustrated because they couldn't find people who they connect with.

The GoGetter app is specifically designed to create meaningful connections without wasting anyone's time. "I've spoken to hundreds of singles and meeting people isn't the issue, it's the quality of the matches," said Andrea Miller, GoGetter Founder. "GoGetter is designed to help you meet the right kind of people without wasting your time," she added.

According to PR Newswire, on this app in order to match with someone you have to put a down payment of at least $1.

"GoGetter isn't about finding conquests - it's about conquering love. And with the right dating app, you can find the human being who makes you the best version of you," said Miller.



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