Imagine swiping through a dating app like Tinder or Hinge, just to come across one of your family members. How awkward! Well a woman from Pennsylvania's worst nightmare came true when she was hilariously matched with her younger brother. 24 year old Brooke Averick was swiping through Hinge when the app told her in big letters, "Most Compatible: Brooke & Noah, we think you two should meet.”

The Philly native posted this hilarious Tik Tok video explaining the entire ordeal. This happened around Thanksgiving when she and her brother were both home  in Philly for the holidays.  “Something I’m most thankful for is my most compatible with on Hinge has been updated,” she said. Averick continues the video by saying, “And we agreed, and we are already spending Thanksgiving together, and it’s going well, let me show you,” she says as Noah slides into frame.


After she reveals that Noah is her brother, he teases her by making kissing faces. Averick jokes that they will both be suing Hinge for the awakard mistake. The video has since racked up over 2.4 million views. Even celebrities like Megan Tranior thought it was funny and replied “HAHAHA” in the comment section. According to the NY Post, even though Averick has yet to find love on a dating app she did gain more than 750,000 TikTok followers from recounting her various humiliating ordeals on camera.


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