Nowadays the internet makes dating so much easier than having to go out and meet someone at the store. With all the available platforms, like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Christian Mingle, etc. all you have to do is swipe right. And the more popular internet dating gets, the more ‘niche’ sites get. Now there’s even a dating site for people with little or no hair at all. According to the New York Post, a new site called Bald Dating has been launched in order to help people without hair find love in an environment where ‘baldness’ isn’t a deal breaker.

The site was in fact created by a balding man himself, David Minns.  According to the New York Post, Minns said he was inspired to create Bald Dating after stories of people ‘Hatfishing’ became popular in the news. ‘Hatfishing’, stemming from the idea of ‘Catfishing’, is said to be when bald men share pictures where they are wearing hats on their profiles because they are ashamed of their lack of luscious locks. Bald Dating is supposed to take away that shame and give balding men their confidence back when diving back into the dating pool.

Minns prides himself in creating niche dating sites. He’s also the creator of sites like Dinky One and one for people looking for love within a 20-year age gap. Both are popular sites among internet dating users and there’s no doubt Bald Dating will be a hit either, with its easier to use features. According to the New York Post, users can immediately contact people they are interested with a single like button and block those they are not interested in, and membership is free. We love an easy to use, inclusive dating site.


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