Can you find love through a video? Do you think someone would swipe right to date you based on your TikTok videos? No reason to wonder any further because now you can find out with a new dating app that has hit the app store!

According to Fox News, there is a new dating app called Snack which is attempting to reach TikTok obsessed Gen Zers. How are they going to do this? Their dating app is different from the usual apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge where you upload photos to your profile. Snack is an online dating platform where your profile is composed of videos as opposed to photos. Like other apps, a match is made when two users like each other’s videos and then they are able to chat.

Snack’s founder, Kimberly Kaplan, told TechCrunch, “I very much believe someone will come in and usurp Tinder, and it’s going to be around video”. Kaplan thinks it could be Snack which secured $3.5 million in funding from Kindred Ventures and Coelius Capital.

The free app’s description states that it wants you to, “show your fun side, your serious side, your likes, your dislikes ... show who you really are”.

Snack definitely has a chance to succeed during this era of TikTok. I don’t know about you, but I am not so sure I am ready to show my potential matches the weird TikTok side of me yet. Guess I should get some videos ready just in case even though I'm a millennial.


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