There’s a TikToker that may be closer to our area than we think. A lot of the biggest stars who blow up on TikTok are from California or even different countries.

You never think that someone who is from the Mercer County area would be internet famous.

A few of my friends are really into this one TikTok star whose username is mikaelarellano.

If you haven’t seen his videos before, he makes all kinds of videos doing popular TikTok dances and just living his best life.

They send me his videos all the time and we just love the content, but in one of his videos, a familiar location was behind him.

He posted a picture and was standing in front of St. Anne’s church in Lawrenceville, NJ, and has posted videos from other numerous Mercer County popular spots.

Mikaelarellano as of right now has 236.2k followers and has gained 30.4 million likes on TikTok, which means he’s doing pretty well.

I was deep-diving further into his TikToks and while I was for sure entertained, I noticed him making videos and living his best life in places that I knew I’d been to before.


In this video of him dancing, you can see him in the middle of the Princeton Marketfair Mall.

He’s also recorded TikToks that have gone viral and received a lot of love from his followers in the Nassau Park Pavilion parking lot and also in Princeton, NJ.

Some of his videos have over 1.2 million views, which is a lot of views to consistently have on your videos.

I think it’s just really awesome to know an internet-famous person is a local and if I ever meet Mikael, you know I’m totally going to fangirl.

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