If you’re into checking out some New Jersey history, this is a page you must follow on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. I love social media pages that bring you back to a different time.

There are a ton of creators and pages that post pictures and videos of things from years and years ago to tap into that nostalgic part of your heart, and I have to say 9 out of 10 times it works!

Vintage New Jersey is a page on TikTok and Instagram specifically that has been gaining a ton of traction lately because of the nostalgic New Jersey content it posts. The page is called Vintage New Jersey and is on every social media platform.

There are a ton of videos of beachgoers running along the Jersey Shore from the 80s, people commuting to and from work in North Jersey in the 70s, and a ton more footage you may have never gotten a chance to see before.

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There are also a lot of pictures posted side by side for the ‘then and now’ effect that may tug on your heartstrings.


If you’re interested in going down a wormhole and seeing some truly amazing footage of New Jersey from decades ago, this is an account to check out. The page also includes old news reports from years ago and it just will teleport you back in time to see New Jersey in a way you either remember it as a child or in a way you’ve never experienced.

Vintage New Jersey is the name of the page and I’m sure you’ll notice that many people you follow will also follow them already because it’s a wildly popular account to follow in our area. This is a TikTok wormhole worth going down!

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