All of us have dreamed of living in a castle and being royalty at some point, right? Now if you just drive a little over an hour, you’ll be able to feel like a medieval queen or king.

I saw this Airbnb pop up on the website while looking for Airbnbs to stay in during the winter months with a group of friends and now I want nothing more than to stay there for at least one night.

This house not only looks like a castle from the outside but it’s completely decked out on the inside to allow you to travel back in time to the Medieval Era and live out your best life as a king or queen.


On Airbnb, it’s listed as “Pocono Castle with Private Pond, Boat, Sauna and Hot Tub”. You really get a ton of amenities when you rent this house out, aside from just getting aesthetically pleasing pictures to post on TikTok or Instagram.

Usually, when you come across awesome Airbnbs like this one, they’re in Ohio or California, somewhere you’d have to fly to, but this is only a short hour-long trip away! For starters, there is a huge, life-size chess game set up in the front yard which really sets the scene.

This house looks pretty large and can accommodate up to 8 guests with 4 bedrooms, 4 beds, and 2 bathrooms.

So many people have booked this house and have rated it so well. It’s listed with a 4.99-star rating, which is amazing! If you’re looking to rent out this place for your weekend getaway in the Poconos to break free of the Jersey life for a few days, it will cost you about $400 a night, but the experience looks worth it!

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