Okay, this may be just a new level of crazy!

If you're a Bride to be like me, (who's getting married in 18 days ahhhhh!), you know that weddings are expensive! If you had the chance to have a $4.5 million dollar wedding, it would be a dream come true, right? Well, This 19 year old woman from Russia who has a billionaire father had a huge wedding that even had musical performances by Mariah Carey & Elton John. Wow! So, her father basically gave her this extravagant wedding and it wasn't because she was madly in love with her fiance and wanted the wedding of her dreams, it was because she was trying to get back at her ex! Yeah, you read that right, she wanted to make her ex jealous and guess what, it worked! She is now back with her ex!

There are so many thoughts running through my head right now! First, OMG! Who does something like this? Her father better have cut her off for spending all his money on what was just a selfish act to get back some guy who dumped her! My fiance and I have spent over a year saving up for our wedding and I know it'll be spectacular, but it would be even more spectacular if we had $4.5 Million dollars! It's all good though, I'm marrying for love, not because I wanna make an ex jealous!

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