If you’re getting married soon or are a newly engaged couple, there’s a wedding venue in Mercer County that I’m not quite sure too many people know about. When you think about your wedding day, most dream of it being the most magical day of your life.

You think of having the perfect dress with your favorite people with the most beautiful flowers and so on. With those thoughts of course comes with a beautiful venue. Grounds for Sculpture is an outdoor sculpture park and museum that spans over 42 acres of land in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Whether you’ve visited for a date, a field trip, or just for a relaxing stroll, I bet you didn’t know that it doubles as a wedding venue. Maybe I’m late to the party, but I had no idea that you could book your wedding and reception to take place inside Grounds for Sculpture!

Inside the sculpture park, there are so many breathtaking views where you can stand to say “I do”. On the wedding planning website The Knot, you can take a look at past wedding setups that have taken place at Grounds for Sculpture and it is a breathtaking venue for your special day.


The best part is, that the guest capacity currently is listed at 300+ as well, so if you're a part of a large family and want to invite all of your friends, you’ll have no trouble and won’t even have to narrow down your list to fit everyone you love.

The venue itself is rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars, so I’d say previous brides and grooms enjoyed having their special day at this famous tourist attraction right in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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