The one and only Adam Sandler was spotted in Philly the other day filming for a new movie. Just last week there were rumors that the actor was seen driving around the city in a car, and now it seems we know why.

According to PhillyChitChat, Sandler was seen walking around Market Street in Philly yesterday while filming for a new Netflix movie. The film is apparently called "Hustle" and is about a basketball scout who is fired after discovering big time talent overseas. According to Philly Voice, the movie is produced by NBA star Lebron James and is being directed by Jeremiah Zagar, the son of the artist who made Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.

This movie is apparently the first large scale production to be filmed in Philly since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. According to Philly Voice, filming is supposed to run all the way until December. So don't be surprised if you see Adam Sandler multiple times in the city of Brotherly Love.

According to PhillyChitChat, Sandler was seen with film crew  yesterday around 3pm right in front of the SEPTA headquarters. He was wearing a blue sweater while walking with a tall male as the had an intense discussion. Fans can be seen gathering around taking pictures and videos on their phones as the watched the scene take place. So obviously, the cast and crew aren't being to strict when it comes to allowing fans to get close to the set.

So maybe next time your around that area, you' get to grab a quick selfie with the iconic star.




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