There’s a brand new addition to the Adventure Aquarium family! Two brand new baby penguins were just born in the aquarium and just days before World Penguin Day!

Such perfect timing. It’s always so exciting when a new animal is born at different aquariums and zoos in our area and it finally has happened to the penguin family at Adventure Aquarium.


Adventure Aquarium posted the most adorable videos of the newest additions to the “penguin colony”, as they said on their Instagram post, and let me tell you the cuteness was too much for me to handle.

The babies hatched from their eggs on earth day and are only 4 days old at this point.


“Counting these two new additions, Sheila and Spud have welcomed a total of three chicks this breeding season - the pair also welcomes a male hatchling named Tater Tot on February 15. The three siblings join the colony along with half-sisters Adelaide, Elanora, Aroha, and Phoenix.” they wrote on their Instagram.

This is the most adorable thing ever and the comments on the post were even more heartwarming. Everyone congratulating the “new parents” really restored my faith in humanity.

Adventure Aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Dr, Camden, New Jersey, and is open daily to the public and tickets are on sale on their website!

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