After a hit song that skyrocketed to mainstream radio, All Time Low released a reimagined version of the already catchy “Monsters” featuring Blackbear, but this time they also included Demi Lovato on the second go around. All Time Low is a pop punk band that formed in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kayla Thomas from Popcrush on PST got to interview the lead singer, Alex Gaskarth, Wednesday where they talked about the band’s new milestones, being in a band with your best friends, New Jersey and more.

The band has found radio success for almost a year with their song “Monsters.” Since then, they have released a reimagined version with Demi Lovato having some vocals on the track.

“When we sat down to kind of reimagine Monsters,” he said. “It was almost like how do we level it up?”

The band has been friends with Lovato for a while, but have never collaborated before. He said that Lovato just sounds great on any song, so it felt like the perfect fit.

Gaskarth said they have never played the song live before, but want to play it live with Demi Lovato and Blackbear when live music returns. However, they have been very busy.

The band has always tried to stay ahead of the social media curve from the MySpace days to having a popular sound on Tik Tok. They have also done a few virtual concerts to stay connected with the fans. He said he is definitely excited to tour again and they do plan on coming back to New Jersey.

He said that New Jersey is like a second home for the band. It was one of the first places that they toured and Gaskarth described it as almost “coming home,” and that start was nearly 15 years ago.

Normally bands change and members come and go, but not for All Time Low. The four members, Alex, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick have been friends and formed the band when they were back in high school.

“I feel like we have been really good at making sure the ego never gets in the way and making sure everyone feels heard and spoken for,” he said. ‘The four of us are brothers. We’re like a family.”

But families bicker, for them, it is all about what songs to play on the set list and with 15 years of music, there is a lot to choose from. That, and of course, living on a tour bus together.


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