Tonight at 2am, we'll turn the clocks back an hour when Daylight Savings Time ends.  Being that most bars in the area, does that mean that you'll get an extra hour to party when 2am becomes 3am?

The answer depends on where you plan on going.  We checked with a few restaurant and bars in Mercer, Bucks and Burlington counties and found out that there's no set answer on whether or not they'll be staying open.  For example, Killarney's in Hamilton, NJ and Miller's Ale House in Langhorne, PA say they will stay open the extra, while John & Molly's in Mt. Holly, NJ says the will not.

So, the bottom line is, if staying out an extra hour tonight is something you want to do tonight, you should definitely check with the restaurant or bar you plan on going to before heading out for the night.  Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your extra hour out (or your extra hour of sleep)!

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