If your local bar calls “last call”, it’s time to close out your tab. That’s right, bartenders across the country are coming together to tell bar customers that “last call: may not mean what you think it does.

I’m sure a lot of us like to go to our go-to bars or restaurant bars to grab a drink after work for happy hour or just to get a drink on the weekends.

Sometimes, you stay a lot longer than you initially intended and you close out the bar with some of your friends. While that is totally fine to do, there’s something that bartenders across the country are coming together online to let bar customers know.



When bartenders stand up and call “last call” at the end of the night, that means it's your last chance to get a drink for the night. Most of us will probably take that as an invitation to order one last drink and finish up our conversations.

A new internet post went viral of a bartender in Texas telling everyone that last call pretty much means “We’re closing, it’s time to go”. If you’re someone who likes to close out their local bar, this means don’t grab a huge double cocktail and sit for another 45 minutes to talk to your friends.

If you REALLY need to get yourself another drink, make it small, make it quick, close out your tab, and let the bartenders do what they need to do to get home. If you’re showing up to a bar less than 15 to 20 minutes before they close, just assume you missed the window of opportunity and go home.

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