This is such an amazing story! Especially because my husband bought us kits for Christmas and we sent in the swabs of our spit and we got some pretty amazing results. Some of our family's history we already knew, but my husband and I both were rally surprised about some of the things our tests found. I know some people are a little afraid because they don't wanna find out some shocking things about their family, but to me, it's super fun. Some people even get reunited with long lost relatives.

According to Levittown Now, a woman from Bucks County actually got reunited with her sister after 45 years of not seeing her, just by taking her test. Once you get your kit, you set up an online profile and you're able to connect with people who may have similar results or have matches on your family tree. Debbie McMurray and Linda D’Angelo got in touch through the website and found out they were half sisters! The two were separated back in 1974 when Debbie went to go live with another family. So she hadn't seen her siblings since then. The sisters had a wonderful reunion in Bucks County recently and both were so happy.

This story brought tears to my eyes!

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