A new Wawa, a Super Wawa will be opening in Ocean County, NJ.

Recently, the Barnegat Mayor said "there's really good news", a Super Wawa is coming to town, according to the patch.com. "it will be located at Route 9 and Barnegat Blvd., Mayor Pipi, said.

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A super Wawa means gas stations and everything you need.

Every time I go into a Wawa, it amazes me because it's always busy. It doesn't matter if I go in at 5 am or 9 pm, it's always busy. And there's always a line at the food counter. Wawa is everybody's go-to. I can't imagine another convenience store taking that away from Wawa.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

Speaking of Wawa, have you tried their delicious Refresher? It's made with fruit juice and real fruit pieces with no artificial flavors. This just yells "summer" to me. It's really good and pretty colors. A refresher is paired with cold brew green tea and a dose of extra energy and antioxidants. It's not really sweet, it's just perfect. There are several different flavors: Berry Dragon Fruit Refresher, Berry Passion Fruit Refresher, Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher, and Strawberry Passion Fruit Refresher.

What's your favorite hoagie at Wawa. My favorite "shorti" is turkey and cheese, mayo, lettuce, and pickles. And, of course my favorite Wawa iced tea, the one with the yellow cap.

It seems like Wawa is on every corner, and it's Ok. Wawa to me reminds me of home. My first "big" radio job, I worked in Indiana and I couldn't believe there wasn't a Wawa. It totally threw me off, LOL.

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