Much like everything else this year, Halloween 2020 is going to be different because of COVID-19.

So if your plan is to celebrate from the comfort of your home and handout candy to trick-or-treaters this major tip will help ensure families they are coming to a safe house.

Purple Pumpkins

What does this signify? That you are using practices to go with COVID-19 safety guidelines such as wearing a mask when answering the door, handing out only individually wrapped candy, and maintaining proper sanitary conditions.

You can show this by painting an actual pumpkin or printing a picture of a purple pumpkin and putting it on your window or door.

The initiative began in Nassau County, New York after Governor Cuomo said he won't ban trick-or-treating (via CBS New York). The trend is starting to make waves across the U.S. so parents can be aware.

Despite the purple pumpkin, people should still do all the things they would normally do to protect themselves such as social distancing.

Something else to note is that before COVID-19, purple pumpkins on Halloween represent epilepsy. The Purple Pumpkin Project began in 2012 and raises awareness for epilepsy. Over 3.4 million people in the U,S, suffer from the disorder according tot he Epilepsy Foundation.

This Halloween if you see a purple pumpkin on someone's home, grab your candy and also thank them for raising awareness about epilepsy. Even if they don't realize they are.

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Earlier this week, the city of Grand Rapids released Halloween Tips for families to follow.

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