It’s time for some spooky fun at the Trenton Thunder stadium next month and everyone is invited.

We only get a little bit of time to celebrate the awesome Halloween events that this time of year has to offer, so you have to go to all of them while you can! Coming at the end of this October, kids will be able to Trick or treat in the Suites at Trenton Thunder Ball Park!

This time of year is all about pumpkin spice and candy, so the more chances to grab some extra candy, the better! You can bring the entire family to go out and have fun at this trick-or-treating event that is completely free of cost.

There will be plenty of things to do as well as trick or treating. Bring your kids to meet the Trenton Thunder mascots that will be lurking around the park as well as watch a Halloween movie that will be played on the ThunderVision Big Board! This is a perfect chance to get your family into the halloween spirit without breaking the bank because it’s completely free of cost!

If you’re interested in Trick or Treat in the Suit, it’s all going down on Thursday, October 27 at the Trenton Thunder Ballpark. You can visit the park anytime between 430 and 830 so come dressed up and ready for some Halloween fun! The Trenton Thunder Ball Park is located at 1 Thunder Rd, Trenton, NJ, 08640. Tickets are now officially on sale at their website, Happy Spooky Season!

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