Just as much as you can count on Ariana Grande to wear thigh-high boots and a high pony, you can also bet on her to sing about sex.

Like, this is the girl that has an entire song dedicated to getting down so hard you can't walk, another about getting busy anywhere and everywhere, and who once made a very public proclamation about her fiancé's, ahem, size. Let's also not forget the time this happened in her "God Is a Woman" music video. Grande is not shy about sharing her experiences between the sheets.

So, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that the first verse of her Sweetener title track includes a very explicit sexual reference: No, "licking the bowl" is not about eating ice cream, it's about...well, you can read for yourself here.

Nonetheless, some people have only just discovered the lyric's true meaning and they are...kind of speechless, actually.

"Me thinking I knew what lick the bowl meant until I searched it up," tweeted one fan alongside a gif of Grande's jaw dropping in shock.

"Call me a child but ....I didn’t know what lick the bowl meant.....until now..." wrote another.

The More You Know.

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