Ariana Grande was just recently spotted shopping at Whole Foods and Target in Pennsylvania.

Ariana was kind enough to pose and take pictures with fans while shopping at both stores. She was spotted at the Whole Foods in Lancaster, PA and then at the Target in Lititz, PA. Some fans took selfies with the singer while others took secret shots of her from a distance.

Looks like Ariana had the most fan interactions during her time at Target. It seems as though she took a picture in almost every department with employees and customers.

While she was there, it seems like Ari even became an honorary Target team member because she was showing off her custom made name tag on Instagram. See the picture below (NSFW).

The reason why Ariana was spotted doing some retail runs in PA is because, Philly Voice reported, she's rehearsing for her Sweetner World Tour in the area. If you're not as lucky as the fans in the photos, you can still see her live when she goes on tour. Her Philadelphia tour date is on March 26th and you could win tickets from the VI-PST club here

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