If you've ever traveled on the AC Expressway, you know just how congested it can get - especially during the summer. Well good news on that front! The expressway is about to undergo some major construction to make traveling easier on us. But it'll take a while to get there.

According to NBC Philadelphia, plans are in motion to widen the Atlantic City Expressway from mile marker 31 westbound to the end of Route 42 in Gloucester Township, which make change the stretch from two lanes to three. The $180 million construction plan will also include putting in a new bridge

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When will widening construction begin on the AC Expressway begin?

Ground is expected to break in 2024 to begin construction. The project is expected to take over a year to complete in 2025. Worried about travel disruptions during the peak summer months for your trips to the Jersey Shore? They'll be taking that into account by making adjustments to the travel patterns for the busy summer season.

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Google Maps

How will the AC Expressway construction  be funded?

The long-term construction will be paid for in part by a toll increase that already occurred in 2020. There won't be anymore toll increases to fund the project. Nice to see that our money will put toward something that tangibly benefits everybody.

The project is expected to create around 2300 jobs, and in the long run once it's completed, the expressway will hopefully be less congested and less accident prone. We just have to be patient for a few years to get to the end result!

Check out the full South Jersey Transportation Authority plan HERE.

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