When it comes to affordable houses with a view of the beach, Atlantic City is apparently leading the way.

According to Casago, Atlantic City is the cheapest place for oceanfront homes in the entire country.  Casago did a massive search of the Zillow website for sale prices and found Atlantic City to have a median beachfront home price of $130,000.

Where are these homes?

I mean really!

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Casago has a long explanation of how their research was conducted. Here's a part of the methodology:

"To find the locations where the beachfront properties carry the biggest premium, we created a long list of coastal cities and towns across the United States. We collected sale prices for the beach-view and non-beach-view properties (all property types) in each location by using the Zillow “Waterview” data field, allowing us to calculate the median price of beach-view properties."

You can read the complete methodology (and the entire report) here.

For what it's worth, I tried to search Zillow for beach homes in Atlantic City and didn't come up with many houses - just lots of empty lots and condominiums.

Obviously, the $130,000 houses that Casago is referring to are not outside of Atlantic City in places like Ventnor, Margate, Longport, and Brigantine.

So, what's the deal here? Does Atlantic City really have affordable beach homes at $130,000? Hey, if we can sell that to the outside world, why not? Consider me, though, a bit skeptical.

If you're a realtor reading this and you have a beach house in Atlantic City in the $130,000 range, I'd love to have a walk-thru!

SOURCE: Casago.com

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