I have good news! Bath and Body Works has decided that they are going to do their annual candle sale a little different this year. It gets better. Bath and Body Works is going to hold their annual Candle Day Sale for 3 days! 

If you know me, or Ms. Chris Rollins, you will know that we are absolutely obsessed with Bath and Body Works! Every day we are surfing their website to see what new items we can find, or we are searching for coupons. Regardless of if that is found or not, we always seem to find our way back at this magical place. 

According to their website, Bath and Body Works the annual candle day sale is still on! If you never have been to their stores, they have some of the most amazing candles I have ever had the pleasure of smelling in my life. As for when then even is? They are keeping that a secret! However, we do know that it will be 3 days long!  

Their candles are $24.99 a piece, but during their candle event, they typically sell their candles for about $8. Now, we don’t know how much they will actually be this year or the exact dates, but we do know it will be held in early December. This past year the candles went up on pricing, which people were not too happy about. Luckily, they usually give out coupons! Last year I had a 20% off coupon that lowered my price.

They also only let you buy 15 candles at a time. And yes, many people buy more than that! My mom and I go together every year and we each buy 20 candles. We had to both buy our first  15 and come back into the store to finish our shopping.  



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