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If you're a fan of Bath & Body Works (like I am) I've got lots of good news for you:

Remember I told you about a new location opening in Mercer Mall. I've watched the progress. The sign went up about 2 weeks ago, so I knew it would be opening soon, and after a quick call, I learned that the grand opening is tomorrow (Friday, January 31st). I can't wait, I have some coupons I want to use Plus, they have that whole new self-care line for Valentine's Day that is calling my name and a White Barn.

I also have news about the Quaker Bridge Mall location. That store IS staying in the mall, and it won't be closing because of the new location in the nearby Mercer Mall.

It's actually the opposite really. That store is about to go through a complete renovation/growth period to make it even better. The mall store is closed today (Thursday, January 30th) as they set up in a temporary location. The temporary store will be located across from where they were located. That's on the upper level of the Quaker Bridge Mall (right next to Macy's). Their temporary store is expected to open tomorrow (Friday, January 31), store employees tell me.

They will open in their temporary location for a few months. A newly renovated Bath and Body Works is expected to re-open (in their original location) in May 2020.  The newly renovated space will have a White Barn as well, by the way.

So, good things are happening. We're all going to smell fabulous, right?

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