A popular New Jersey beach just banned swimming for the 2023 season.

Beachwood Beach, which is located in Ocean County, made the announcement earlier this month that they will not be allowing swimming for the 2023 season because they weren't able to hire enough lifeguards for the season.

As a result of the safety concerns, swimming has been banned at the beach, which is located on the Toms River, which feeds into the Barnegat Bay.

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Borough officials said the job listing was shared across multiple platforms before making the difficult decision to close the beach for 2023.

"For months, the Lifeguard advertisements were posted on the Borough's website, the Police Department website, and other various social media platforms as well as contacting local high schools and other agencies in search of potential Lifeguards," the town's Mayor Ron Roma and the Borough Council wrote on their website.

Beachwood covers the cost of the American Red Cross Water Front Certifications and they offer a competitive hourly rate, they say.

However, Beachwood officials say they only received one application for the position.

"For the safety of all, the Borough requires that no one goes swimming this year," the message shared on their website said.

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Visiting the beach will still be an option for residents and visitors to the town, they say.

"For those who like to sit on the beach and enjoy the view, you may continue to do so," they wrote.

They say they're hopeful for next season.

"Hopefully, the next year will bring more applicants to fulfill the Lifeguard positions," the message reads.

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