What a guy.

A struggling South Jersey animal rescue, desperate for donations, took the "what have we got to lose" attitude and it paid off big time, according to The Patch.

One of Beacon Animal Rescue's volunteers, Jillian Shoffler, came up with the idea of writing a letter to Barstool Sports owner, Dave Portnoy.

You may be thinking, "Why write to him? Isn't he the sports guy who reviews pizza?"

Yes, he's a big deal. Portnoy also has a famous rescue dog...Miss Peaches. She's the cutest.

Miss Peaches via Facebook
Miss Peaches via Facebook

Shoffler said, "I decided to write a letter to Dave on behalf of Beacon explaining our needed repair and figured asking for a donation of any amount was worth a shot. The worst he could say was no. I had no idea if he'd be interested in donating to Beacon, but knew I had nothing to lose by contacting him."

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Wasn't she shocked when Portnoy himself, along with Miss Peaches, Facetimed her at work to offer his support.

Watch the video below. It's so cute. It gave me chills and made me tear up.

Portnoy promised to donate the funds needed to get the longtime rescue in Ocean View back up and operational.

Portnoy's donation will be used to install a new septic system next month so Beacon is once again able to start taking in dogs and cats and helping to find their forever homes.

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Others have been inspired by Portnoy's donation and others donations are being made to help Beacon. They're getting a lot of attention on social media now too. All good things.

For more information on the Beacon Animal Rescue, click here.

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