Princeton artisan ice cream shop The Bent Spoon in Palmer Square is serving up a special flavor this weekend which they are cleverly marketing as "#BreweryToCone."  The local favorite shop, known as much for its consistently long line as its fantastic specialty scoops, has teamed up with Princeton's Triumph Brewing Company to create a beer-flavored ice cream that was unveiled yesterday (9/19).

According to The Bent Spoon's Instagram account, the new Triumph Brewing porter ice cream is "creamy with delicious notes of locally brewed beer!"  (For those whose beer consumption stays safely in the lane of Budweiser, a porter is a dark creamy beer that often has hints of chocolate or coffee, and so it likely lends itself well to an ice cream flavor).

In addition to a clever nod to the classic Johnny Cash song "Hey, Porter," the shop also noted on its Instagram post that this flavor is "#SmallBatch."  Suffice to say the porter beer ice cream may not last long.

I will certainly be braving the line this weekend to try it out. Will you?  Let us know what you think if you do.

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