Bagels can easily be called everyone's go-to breakfast meal. It is simple and it tastes amazing in many different ways. Either you go basic with just the regular bagel with cream cheese or you switch it up with an everything bagel with whatever you want on it, or even the pork roll egg and cheese on a bagel. Basically, a bagel can be a transformer and make you happy in many different ways.

Now one thing we can say is that bagels aren't the same at every place. There is always a battle of who has the best bagels. We decided to ask our PST listeners on Instagram to let us know which bagel spot is their go-to place and we got a ton of answers.

PST voters gave us bagel shops in Lawrenceville, Yardley, Hamilton, Pennington, and Newtown. Honestly, it was amazing how much love all of the local bagel shops received. Here are the 10 bagel spots that received the most recommendations in Bucks County and Mercer County by PST listeners on Instagram.

Best Bagel Shops Voted By PST Listeners

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