Hungry for something cheap yet delicious and fulfilling? You've gotta check this place out.

Cheap eats! Take your pick - we love them all. Sandwiches, cheeseburgers, fries, pancakes, omelettes, wraps, the list goes on and on. Sometimes you're just in the mood for something cheap and yummy, not fussy or expensive, but at the same time doesn't skimp on quality.

Photo by Robin Stickel on Unsplash
Photo by Robin Stickel on Unsplash
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Of course, there are countless places to get cheap, homey, hearty food in New Jersey. But if you've ever wondered where you can find some of the best the Garden State has to offer, let's turn to the foodie experts - YOU!

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Or, users on Yelp, to be more exact. They just made their list of The Best Cheap Eats in Every State in 2023. These non-chain spots are some of the highest-rated, best-reviewed cheap eats spots according to Yelp users. And considering how picky Yelp users are, you can probably trust them!

"We identified businesses in the restaurants category that are listed as $ on Yelp, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews. All businesses were marked open on Yelp as of July 31, 2023." - Yelp

So where is the best cheap eats spot in New Jersey? Let's go to Morris County!

Missy's Main Street Cafe - Rockaway NJ

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Missy's Main Street Cafe, located at 181 E Main St in Rockaway, is the best spot to grab a delicious, cheap, filling meal in the state, according to Yelp's data.

Their menu features eggs & omelette dishes, pancakes, sandwiches, wraps, salads, burgers, and more! I'd definitely be hitting this place up for breakfast!

And you can find all these scrumptious dishes for under $20 - Check out their full menu HERE.

Have you ever been to Missy's? Definitely put it on your bucket list if you're a foodie!

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