I've been telling you about the uptick in bear sightings around the Jersey Shore lately. This one in Monmouth County had you guys surprised. There was another recent sighting, this time in Rockaway New Jersey, and let's just say it was a little too close to home.

This bear was spotted at Seminole Avenue just strolling through a residential neighborhood like he owned the place.  Frankly, if I was out getting the mail and I saw this enormous bear I would literally pass out.  Which by the way would probably work well for me since in essence that is "playing dead" right?

This broozer was caught on the homeowner's ring doorbell camera not only once, but TWICE!  Now I know people say live and let live but what if this guy roamed when their kids were out playing?  The bear was spotted once in the middle of the afternoon and once at night. Honestly, I would have to move.  See the stuff my nightmares are made of in their video.

That is all muscle and claws, my friend. I heard the old adage "if it is brown get down, if it's black attack" a million times and that is all well, fine and good until the bear is blackish brown like this dude.  By the time I figured out which approach to take I would be a happy meal.

I've seen videos of a curious bear actually entering a person's home and it is astonishing how calm these people are.  Have you ever seen this one?

What in the world was she thinking by opening the door?  The guy did not even notice her until she went out there. Or how about this one playing someone's piano?

This family almost manifested this to happen in my opinion.  I mean they have a bear tapestry and bear furniture!  Of course, he thought he was welcome inside.  We keep seeing more and more bear activity and let's just say nature and I have a very fragile relationship.  If there are any bear reading this, let's make a deal.  I won't camp.  I will NEVER sleep in your home just do me a solid and don't come near mine.

Dogs can be victims so let's hope yours is smart enough not to try to take on one of these guys!  Here is a list of the smartest dog breeds.

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