There are amazing black owned businesses right here in our area. Since this is Black History Month, I wanted to highlight a few so you can support them during this month, and always. Two of these businesses are my favorite hometown bakeries.

Cafe Du Pain Bakery - Lawrence Shopping Center, Route 1, Lawrence Township. One of my favorite bakeries. The spinach & feta croissants, double oreo cookies, donuts, muffins, chicken salad on a croissant, quiche, cake pops, fresh breads, and so much more are absolutely the best. I pop in there often. They have a new app to download too.

The Gingered Peach - 2 Gordon Avenue, Lawrence Township. Two words: Cinnamon Buns. THE.BEST. AROUND. Also, make sure you try the Lemon Blueberry Loaf, and the Trenton Volcano....think Pork's so good. They also make custom cakes. I just got a bunch of great Valentine's Day treats there for my friends...and for myself. The chocolate covered oreos were soooo good.

1911 Smokehouse BBQ - 11 West Front Street in Trenton - The ribs, the wings, the pulled pork, the's all delicious. I first had it at a 4th of July BBQ last summer, and I'm hooked.

Arlee’s Raw Blends - Trenton & Princeton - Smoothies, teas, breakfast, wraps, juice blends, immunity boosting "shots", cold brews...the best, premium organic juice blends and raw and vegan foods. Healthy options for better living.

Boro Bean - 9 East Broad Street in Hopewell - The best comfort food and baked goods. Their homemade bagels and muffins are awesome. You can get breakfast all day long. Yay. I love breakfast foods.

Pizza Den - Nassau Street in Princeton - They make their own dough with organic flour. You can taste the difference. Arugula, baby kale, goat cheese are just a few of the topping offered on their personal pizzas.

There are more....please support them. They're all amazing.

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