There are some wonderful ways in which to celebrate the significance of Black History Month this February, but there’s one show in Philadelphia that may not have jumped on your radar.  On Saturday, Feb. 8, Franky Bradley’s will be hosting “A Great Day in Burlesque: An All-Black Burlesque Showcase.

A performance by the city’s best Black burlesque dancers, leading figures in drag and more will not only celebrate the month but sensuality, empowerment and gender as well.  Sophie Sucre, a Philadelphia dancer and burlesque artist, hosts the show and works to support Philadelphia’s Black Burlesque scene.  The dancer says that the city has a plentiful Black community of burlesque dancers.

Also, on Sunday, Feb. 9, award-winning burlesque dancer and Saturday night headliner Bebe Bardot will teach classes honoring Black burlesque legends at Fishtown’s Philadelphia Burlesque Academy, 2400 E. Cumberland St. Bardot will touch on history and choreography that went into the old-school dancing from the 1930s – 1960s.

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