The bidding war is over! Someone just bought an iconic piece of television history for a very pretty penny!

If you're a fan of HBO's The Sopranos (widely regarded as one of the best, if not THE best TV show of all time), you undoubtedly recall the final episode that aired on June 10, 2007.

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Tony Soprano, along with his wife Carmela and son AJ, sat down with a platter of onion rings at Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Fans Pay Homage To James Gandolfini At Restaurant Where Soprano's Finale Filmed
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*Spoiler alert, although the finale is 17 years old.*

While waiting for his daughter Meadow to park her car outside of the restaurant, Tony looked up, and the show cut to black - ending the show forever. Many believe (including myself) that Tony got "whacked."

Holsten's put the booth up for sale on Ebay

After years of wear and tear, Holsten's made the difficult decision to sell the famous booth to make way for much-needed renovations.

This was a hot ticket item! The bidding on Ebay started at just $3,000 on Wednesday, February 28. But within a couple of days, the bidding skyrocketed to well over $50,000!

Bidding was scheduled to end on the following Monday night, but they ended the bidding early when they price was right!

There were a total of 238 bids amongst 49 bidders.

The bidding ended with a winning price of a whopping $82,600! 

Credit: Ebay/Holsten's Ice Cream
Credit: Ebay/Holsten's Ice Cream

Who won the Sopranos booth auction?

The (rich) winner of the booth remains a mystery, much like the finale of 'The Sopranos', so it's kind of fitting. We also don't know what they plan on doing with the booth, but they are responsible for picking it up!

What if somebody in the mafia bought it? *Insert Paulie chuckle*


Congrats to Holsten's on a very successful sale!

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